Our attorneys have extensive experience in this area of law and possess the knowledge and resources to handle all issues related to preparation of Bills and subsidiary legislations. Our key staff is a holder of a post graduate degree in Legislative Drafting and our senior associate has worked as a legislative aide to a member of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly. You can rely on our proven legal professionals to make sure you understand the potential benefits and drawbacks to any legislative proposal so that you can make an informed decision about what is best for you and your constituents.


The intricacies reflected in the interrelationships of the various departments of government demands a change of tactics and new drafting solutions. No matter the objective of your proposed instrument, we will implement an effective legal strategy to ensure that your aim is achieved. Our business is to help you achieve your legislative goal while minimizing legislative risks, disputes and costly litigation.


  • Proficiency in dealing with constitutional law, code of conduct for public officers and jurisprudence.
  • Capacity to carry out sponsor-compliant composition of Bills and other legislative instruments.
  • Proven ability to conductin-dept domestic and cross-border research and analysis of legislative issues.
  • Experts in the preparation of effective result-oriented Bills and other legislative processes.
  • Capability to take accurate instructions, exercise a great deal of care and diligence in drafting enactments.
  • Ability to hold consultations and give legal advice as and when necessary at any stage of the legislative process.
  • Familiarity with the political, sociological, psychological and economical systems of most Nigerian States.
  • Ability to exhibit a high sense of tolerance, commitment and dedication to the drafting process.
  • Ability to educate and update you and your staff about the legal environment of the legislative process via newsletters.
  • Able to provide frequent case updates, along with promptly returned phone calls and emails.


This Capability Statement is made by LEGAL EMPERORS, and is in all respects subject to the negotiation, agreement, and signing of a specific engagement letter or contract. This Business Capability Statement is a starting point only and is not a substitute for legal or professional advice. This Capability Statement contains confidential material proprietary to LEGAL EMPERORS. The materials, ideas, and concepts contained herein are to be used exclusively to evaluate the capabilities of LEGAL EMPERORS. The information and the ideas contained herein may not be disclosed to anyone outside or be used for any purpose other than the evaluation of LEGAL EMPERORS capabilities.

Scope of our Legislative Research and Drafting Services

The scope of our proposed legislative research and drafting services, include the following:

  • Consultation and the giving of legal opinion on the legal environment affecting your proposed legislative instrument.
  • Conduct of legal analysis, research and legal investigation by way of perusal, probe and review of appropriate sources of law, on your behalf, on an issue of legislative interest. The coverage of the research may include one main subject matter and its related or incidental topics, exceptions and qualifications; as well as multiple questions on unrelated subject matters or ones bearing only tenuous connection or relation with one another. Our Law Firm gives the client wide leeway on questions and is inclined to resolve all doubt in the treatment of related subject matters in you favor.
  • Designing, drafting, composition, reviewing, scrutinizing and vetting of your proposal Bill or legislative instrument.
  • Production of clean copies of the draft legislative instrument.

Our Approach to Legislative Drafting

Our approach on any legislative research and drafting service engagement is to establish a close and efficient working relation with you at all times. We will strive to be reliable in terms of our legal service commitments and to be accessible to you. As a corporate, commercial and transactional law firm, we focus strongly on the needs of our clients and in this case we acknowledge the need to adopt an excellent and innovative legislative drafting model. Our team will combine exceptional legal expertise with deep legal knowledge, innovation and creative thinking, to help you achieve your legislative goals.

To ensure that your expectations are met, frequent updates will be provided along with promptly returned phone calls and emails. We assure you of a personal one-on-one working relationship that is both attentive and client-centered and an individualized personal attention with a view to ensuring that you receive the detailed care and consideration you need to pursue the legislative process.

Key aspects of our approach and strategy are:

  • To make clear to you or the authority sponsoring the Bill, the kind of drafting instructions, that is most helpful to us.
  • To consult with your office at an early stage after receipt of the preliminary drafting instructions. This is with a view to making a precise outline of the objectives and principles to be contained in the legislation as well as a statement of the principal means of attaining the objectives and principles.
  • To carefully analyse the legislative proposal in relation to existing law, potential danger areas and practicability. In doing this, we will look at existing laws to see what the structure is within the given jurisdiction.
  • To design and plan the composition of the draft instrument so as to shape the broad content of the intended enactment. In so doing, we will design the structure of the draft statute, like the substantive provisions and the administrative provisions of the Bill.
  • To scrutinize the draft bill or subsidiary legislation, by checking and re-checking for any errors or omissions, especially of substance and against the general intendments of the statute.
  • To establish clear and simple communication procedures, in order to expedite the decision making process, commensurate with appropriate reporting lines.

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