LEGAL EMPERORS is a firm focused on civil litigation, especially commercial debt collection and judgment enforcement matters. Our law firm has vast experience representing companies and enterprises, banks and other lenders, landlords, and various other creditors in cases involving commercial litigation, debt collection, and the enforcement of the rights of creditors.

We represent clients in many different types of commercial debt collection matters, including actions to collect debts owed under loan agreements, negotiable instruments, promissory notes, and for goods sold and delivered. We routinely litigate against business owners and other third parties who fail to honor personal guaranties of corporate debts. We equally represent banks and other creditors in litigation to collect debts and unpaid loans. We also represent clients seeking to recover debts owed by customers have who have ordered goods, received them, but have failed to pay. We additionally represent law firms, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals who have clients who have not paid for services rendered. Lastly, our firm represents businesses that provide a variety of services, including consulting firms, independent contractors, and real estate agents and brokers owed commissions.

Our collections lawyers represent clients in cases involving:

  • Collections of debts owed under personal guaranties, loan agreements, negotiable instruments, promissory notes, for goods sold and delivered, and for services rendered by law firms, accountants, and other professionals;
  • Judgment enforcement matters, including Judgments rendered in cases involving personal injury, commercial disputes, medical malpractice, construction and other industrial accidents, and premises liability claims;
  • Post-judgment litigation and proceedings, including obtaining recovery from judgment debtors, banks, and other parties, motions and other applications seeking “Garnishee” or instalment payment orders, winding-up and receivership applications, real and personal property attachment and executions, and contempt of court applications;
  • Actions to set aside fraudulent conveyances of real property and fraudulent transfers of money and other personal property, actions to impose liability on parties based on “de facto merger” and other successor liability claims, and actions to “pierce the corporate veil” and impose personal liability upon company insiders who have mismanaged their businesses and abused the corporate form;
  • Actions by employees to recover damages for breach of employment contracts or for unpaid wages, commissions, or bonuses;
  • Disputes arising out of breaches of contract and real estate deals and transactions;
  • Actions by independent contractors and others to recover unpaid sales commissions and consulting fees; and
  • Trials and appeals in all state and federal courts in Nigeria.

We provide our clients with aggressive, resourceful, intelligent representation. We are experienced, aggressive, resourceful, and persistent. We conduct a complete review of your case, explain your legal options and let you know what we can do to help you.  We are a team of qualified professionals equipped with investigational tools and enforcement devices. By working with us, you will be receiving the trusted legal guidance and aggressive counsel that you need. At Legal Emperors, you will be working with a highly experienced team who understands all of the ins and outs of debt collection. Our experienced debt collectors make every effort to secure payment before suit is necessary. If suit is necessary, our collection lawyers guide the matter through the litigation process to entry of judgment. Once judgment is entered, our lawyers use various tools to locate and restrain assets and income that can be applied to the satisfaction of the judgment.

Our collections lawyers typically accept debt collection and Judgment enforcement matters on a contingency fee basis (fee arrangements may vary depending on the nature of a particular case).

Other Advantages of Engaging LEGAL EMPERORS

  • Our ability to prepare effective and result-oriented debt-recovery demand letters & other debt recovery processes.
  • Our experience in providing debt recovery services for similar organizations.
  • Our ability to conduct commercial credit risk analysis of a debtor company or individual.
  • Our track record of aggressive and innovative approach to debt recovery and litigation services.
  • Our profound knowledge of the territorial property geography of Nigeria, particularly, Akwa Ibom, Abia, Rivers and Cross River States.
  • Our partnership with the Credit Registry Corporation for credit reports on debtors.
  • Our capacity to integrate Information and Communications Technology into legal practice.
  • Our ability to give verbal solutions over phone and or during meetings as well as our capacity to give comprehensive written opinion wherever required.
  • Our in-depth knowledge of the business and our ability to provide you with regular updates.


The rising costs of debt recovery litigation demands a change of tactics and business debt recovery solutions. No matter the debt profile of the debtor, we will implement an effective legal strategy to recover your money. We have the resources, including asset location, and private investigators to locate and collect your money; and all fees are on a contingency basis.


  • Acting on claims involving the validity and enforcement of loans, mortgages, charges, guarantees and security.
  • Proficiency in Garnishee Proceedings, Debt/Loan Recovery, Foreclosure, syndicated Lending and Liquidation.
  • Capacity to carry out reliable Due Diligence Corporate Searches and Title Investigation.
  • Proven ability to conduct commercial credit risk analysis of a debtor company or individual & give legal opinion.
  • Experts in the preparation of effective result-oriented debt-recovery demand letters & other processes.
  • Capability to advice on Corporate Governance & Regulatory Compliance for all types of companies.
  • Ability to educate and update you and your staff about the legal environment of your business via newsletters.
  • Able to provide frequent case updates, along with promptly returned phone calls and emails.

Our business is to help you achieve your business objectives while minimizing business legal risks, disputes and costly litigation. We will be ready to meet with you so as to furnish you with our Corporate Profile and other Requisite Documents as the case may be and to answer your queries and discuss your concerns in greater detail.


Our Debt Recovery Strategy

Our approach will outline how we will solve your debt recovery issues. Our strategies are based on years of experience, which will be tailored to your specific needs.

Our strategy is first and foremost, to explore alternative dispute resolution. If this fails, we will pursue the debtor individual or company as well as the latter’s directors and officers, from demand letters to aggressive litigation (if need be). This is with a view to seeking a lien, seizure and or sale of assets. Our recovery strategy is innovative and result-oriented. This is best captured in the following three phases:

Phase One

Commercial Credit Scoring and Commercial Credit Risk Analysis

Upon receipt of any debt collection assignment(s), all cases placed for collections are credit scored and a commercial credit risk analysis is performed, with the help of a Credit Bureau. This business credit intelligence is attached to the debtor information file. This approach provides factual and critical commercial credit risk information, as well as payment pattern trends, which is important for the collection process.

In fact, we will obtain factual information about the debtor’s ability to pay and payment trends based on the past six quarters before we start the collection process. The information we gather contains payment history trends, state and federal tax lien information, pending law suits, unsatisfied judgments, Corporate Affairs Commission filings, secured creditors, collection agency actions, the legal business owner’s information, trending information showing whether or not the company’s payment trends are increasing or decreasing, and, their current risk factor.

Armed with this information, conversations are based on fact and not misinformation typically provided by debtor companies during the collection process to collections agencies that do not use credit and payment history information.

The benefit of this approach is faster payment of debt, higher settlements, and less litigation because we can determine whether or not a company will default during the collection process. It does not make sense to sue a company in financial distress with unsatisfied judgments already recorded. Knowing this, we will provide you with factual information so you can make the best settlement or litigation decisions when needed.

Phase Two

Segmentation and Debt Collections

Using the commercial credit score and commercial credit risk analysis, files are segmented and prioritized by their predictive payment trend and balance. This segmentation rapidly identifies companies that have the financial resources available for rapid resolution and debt recovery. These cases are assigned to our experienced debt collection specialists for the initial phase of collections through LEGAL EMPERORS commercial collection agency. Companies with medium to low scores, meaning high credit risk, are placed with our most experienced collectors as these files require a much sterner collection approach. Files are also segmented by industry and assigned to a collection team with experience in your type of business.

Experience is the key with these difficult cases as the debtors will reallocate their payment priority, pay your debt due and delay payment to other collection agencies or vendors pursuing debt to other companies. After all, if the debtors owe you money, chances are they also owe others and are being pursued by several collection agencies at the same time.

Phase Three

Debt Recovery Litigation

As members of the Nigerian Bar Association, Legal Practitioners at our firm maintain and partner with a national network of experienced litigation law firms. When a debt is not paid, litigation is the last step. Our in-house asset department will search for assets the debtor has, to determine if litigation is warranted. Once this process is complete, we will forward the information to you for approval.

The above approach and strategy will increase debt collection recovery percentages and reduce back-end legal costs, which results in a positive effect on your bottom-line profits.

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