• Application for Consent to Assign Property
  • Application for Registration of Irrevocable Power of Attorney
  • Letter of Confirmation for Registration of Power of Attorney
  • Application Form for Grant of Statutory Right of Occupancy
  • Application Form for Certificate of Occupancy
  • 4cps of Power of attorney
  • Passports of buyer & seller of the land
  • 4cps of Survey Plan
  • 4cps of Certificate of Deposit
  • 4cps of Personal Income Tax Clearance Certificate

As your local lawyers our mission is to provide easy access to legal services for members of the Nigerian community. One way we do this is by running a free and brief legal advice consultation. We also undertake work on legal aid.

Our aim is to demystify the law and lawyers and give advice on what is troubling people. We can then offer our clients further ways in which they can help themselves or they can decide to seek our help professionally.

LEGAL EMPERORS can work with you to provide the professional legal support and advice you need to get you through the tough times and to help you obtain your personal and professional goals.

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