Regulatory frameworks are constantly evolving across sectors and around the world. As transparency rises in importance and the costs of non-compliance with laws and regulations increase, businesses everywhere strive to adapt to the growing pressure from regulatory bodies. With our extensive knowledge of local regulations and our multijurisdictional capabilities, we are well-positioned to help clients around the country deal effectively and creatively with regulatory and compliance issues.

Again, businesses in many sectors face a rising tide of regulation and more aggressive authorities. In other words, businesses across a range of industries increasingly face stringent government regulation and aggressive enforcement. In this ever more complicated regulatory environment, companies and their employees must be vigilant to act in accordance with regulations and respond quickly and appropriately to correct oversights. LEGAL EMPERORS lawyers understand these complex environments and work with clients to identify and mitigate the risks of potential enforcement actions, heading off compliance problems whenever possible.

The law firm of LEGAL EMPERORS provides corporate entities with comprehensive counsel for compliance with Nigerian federal and state regulations. We proactively counsel clients as legislative changes affect day-to-day business operations. We also represent institutions and corporate entities in inquiries by state and federal regulatory agencies and any related administrative or civil proceedings.

Our clients come to us to understand their responsibilities, manage risk and lessen the impact of complex regulatory regimes on their transactions or day-to-day operations. Our strong relationships with members of oversight agencies give us the basis to counsel clients from a current and fully informed perspective. We commit our legal resources to helping clients meet regulatory requirements and keep their businesses running smoothly, no matter where they are based.

Our attorneys are intimately familiar with corporate services regulations, (such as Companies Regulations, Department of Petroleum Resources Regulations, Securities and Exchange Commission Regulations, PENCOM Regulations, Tax Regulations as well as other government regulations, such as ITF, NSITF, & BPP) and consumer protection laws, such as product and patent registration with NAFDAC AND SON.

We advise on regulatory compliance or investigations pertaining to mortgage loans, sale of loan portfolios, commercial lending, mergers and acquisitions, corporate insolvency and all facets of the banking and financial services industry.

We advise clients on a wide-range of issues, such as regulatory issues affecting the viability of the institution; permissibility of activities and investments; anti-money laundering compliance; restructuring of boards and senior executive responsibilities; examination criticisms, regulatory investigations and enforcement actions; regulatory processes for the transfer of assets in banks, including affiliated transfers; matters impacting insurers, non-bank lenders and other financial institutions; and the recovery and resolution of financial institutions; and the regulatory requirements in relation to such actions.

Our regulatory compliance lawyers provide knowledgeable answers and responsive counsel for the complex, ongoing and ever-changing arena of complying with government regulations. We offer expertise and innovative-thinking in areas such as competition, financial services, financial crime, data protection, health & safety and licensing.

With the ever-present threat of enforcement, many businesses are evaluating their processes to prevent violations that could lead to costly civil and criminal enforcement actions. To this end, LEGAL EMPERORS conducts internal investigations in addition to providing expert business counseling and guidance. We have assisted companies, working closely with General Counsels, in developing compliance programs and in training executives and other employees regarding their responsibilities.

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