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LEGAL EMPERORS offers a network of creative real estate lawyers experienced in handling all types and stages of real estate transactions. Our clients choose us because they know we understand their objectives and offer them the innovation, experience, technical expertise, clarity of advice and commitment to get their real estate deals done efficiently and effectively.

Real estate deals are becoming ever more complex. Increasingly they are highly structured and involve sophisticated financing arrangements. LEGAL EMPERORS is ideally placed to advise on these sorts of transactions with our specialist real estate capability across the South-South and other geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

We advise on development and planning, projects and construction, large loan, investment, corporate insolvency, foreclosure, tax, finance, securitisation, real estate investment fund formation, structuring and joint ventures, and complex real estate mergers and acquisitions.

We support our clients in their most important real estate projects on a national basis. We have both significant geographical reach and a wealth of real estate experience in the Akwa Ibom State, Cross River State, Imo & Abia States, Rivers State, The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, and the United Arab Emirates.

LEGAL EMPERORS real estate practice is diverse and our footprint is strong, with lawyers who are active in all sectors of the real estate industry. Our professionals work closely with colleagues in the survey, estate management, environmental, tax, finance, corporate, and dispute resolution fields to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Again, recognizing that real estate issues often require local resources and expertise in many other areas of the law, LEGAL EMPERORS builds cross-disciplinary teams according to clients’ needs. The team works effectively and efficiently across borders, jurisdictions and practice areas drawing upon expertise in specialty areas such as Survey, Estate Management, Tax, Litigation, Insolvency and Regulatory Law.

Our practice includes acquisitions and dispositions, real estate finance and workouts, equity investment, leasing and asset management, construction and development, joint ventures, real estate private equity funds, unit trusts, real estate investment trusts, and cross-border investment.

We have a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving Nigerian real estate market and legal arena and have valuable relationships within them. With extensive local knowledge and know-how, our lawyers are well positioned to advocate for their clients, help resolve their disputes, achieve their objectives and gain them a competitive advantage.

Our real estate lawyers are uniquely qualified to take clients through the development, sales, negotiation and litigation stages of any real estate project. We facilitate the structuring of the mundane to the most complicated commercial transactions and we aggressively litigate when necessary. It is what we do, and we do it well – efficiently and effectively.

It is important to have a purchase agreement with the correctly worded conditions included. We recommend you contact us before you sign a sale and purchase agreement.

Again, with the growing emphasis on building and compliance issues you need to be sure when selling your property that you do not give the purchasers the opportunity to claim compensation from you or to claim that the title is defective. Contact us and check these matters when you put your property on the market for sale or before signing a sale agreement.

Get legal solution for all your legal concerns. We can help you answer all your legal questions. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation with a skilled and experienced lawyer.

If you have questions and need our assistance in any area of law, please call (+234) 080-22148248 or email: or use the contact form right now.

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