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Our Law office provides contemporary and comprehensive range of legal services; including, but not limited to consultancy, research and dispute resolution services to diversified clientele; designed to meet clients’ needs, and exceed their expectations. Our firm is distinguished by the depth and scope of its legal consultancy, research and dispute resolution services. We provide technically correct legal advice that makes business sense.

LEGAL EMPERORS provide advice to its clients in anticipation of potential problems before they arise and closely aid them in formulating timely protective strategies. When problems do arise, our Firm represents its clients in negotiations and, if necessary, in litigation, arbitration or mediation. Our Chambers pushes the limits of law to create effective legal solutions of the utmost quality. We provide effective, appropriate and efficient legal innovations to solve the challenges our clients face; while creating opportunities that move their enterprises, companies & organizations forward.

The scope of our legal services include the following:

  1. Loan/Debt Recovery, Searches, Garnishee and Enforcement for Commercial Banks, Micro Finance Banks and Savings and Loan Institutions.
  2. Property Acquisition Facilitation, Negotiation & Management and Title Investigation by way of Searches at appropriate authorities; including Tenancy, Lease, Mortgage, Power of Attorney, Contract of Sale of Land, Recovery of Possession, Registration, Stamping, Governor’s Consent, and Procurement of Certificate of Occupancy.
  3. Regular business/corporate services, including the services of a Corporate Secretary, by way of transactions Documentations, via Legal Letters, Notice of Meetings, Written Due Diligence Reports, Agreements, Memoranda, Minutes of Meetings, and Resolutions as well as Facilitation of Due Compliance & Product Registration with Relevant Laws and Regulations at appropriate regulatory agencies.
  4. Consultations, research, advice, and the giving of legal opinion on all fields of law affecting you and or your business enterprise, company, or organization in Nigeria and abroad.
  5. Drafting, review and vetting of your routine and ordinary agreements and other documents which are used in the ordinary course of your activities, including those requiring extensive negotiations or documentations.
  6. Conducting Legal Research and Legal investigation by way of searches at appropriate establishments, on your behalf, on any issue of interest.  The coverage of the research may include one main subject matter and its related or incidental topics, exceptions and qualifications; as well as multiple questions on unrelated subject matters or ones bearing only tenuous connection or relation with one another. Our Law Firm gives the client wide leeway on questions and is inclined to resolve all doubt in the treatment of related subject matters in favour of the client.
  7. General Legal Practice; including, Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation and Litigation work of all kinds.
  8. Publishing and General Legal Research Services, including assistance in special projects, such as transactions which require extensive negotiations and documentation, written opinions which require several days’ extraordinary research and studies, and administrative proceedings; Legal Opinions and Transaction Documentations (by way of Memorandums of Understanding, Corporate Due Diligence Reports, Joint Venture Agreements, Notice of Meeting, Minutes of Meetings, Letters and General Agreements).
  9. Corporate Legal Services; including, Company Incorporation, Business Name (Enterprise) Registration, NGO/Church registration at the Corporate Affairs Commission, and Post Incorporation Legal Maintenance of Existing Companies, Enterprises and Associations at the Corporate Affairs Commission (such as filing of Annual Returns, Financial Statements, Resolutions, Change of Directors, Change of Secretary, Change of Name, Change of Registered Address, Transfer & Transmission of Shares, Increase & Decrease of Share Capital, Mergers & Acquisitions, Policy Statements and Due Diligence Corporate searches); Corporate Insolvency, Company Securities, Winding Up of Companies and Liquidation.
  10. Corporate Tax Matters at Federal Inland Revenue Service (such as procurement of Tax Identification Number, Tax Clearance Certificate; filing of Financial Statements, Monthly VAT Returns, etc).
  11. Corporate & Business Contract Matters, such as regulatory compliance at Corporate Affairs Commission, Securities & Exchange Commission, Bureau for Public Procurement, Industrial Training Fund, Pension Commission, Federal Inland Revenue Services, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Department of Petroleum Resources; Procurement of Permits and Product Registration at NAFDAC, & SON.
  12. Criminal (including Corruption & Economic & Financial Crimes) Defence, Enforcement and Prosecution; Bail Applications, Fundamental Rights Enforcement and Public Interest Lawyering.
  13. Political Legal Advice, Code of Conduct Regulation & Election/Campaign Law.
  14. Matrimonial Causes (Dissolution of Marriage, Maintenance, & Custody).
  15. Prosecution and Defence of Construction Claims, such as Personal Injury, Compensation and Damages).
  16. Transport, Logistics and Conveyance Matters (Conditions, Warranties, Defence and Prosecution of Claims for Damages and Loss of Chattel, Processing of Form M, Trade & Shipping Law Related Issues)
  17. Internet & Cyber Law Matters, such as Domain Name Registration, E-Commerce and Online Trade Agreements, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.
  18. Employment/Labour Matters (Employment Policy, Engagement & Service Contracts, Contract of Employment, Termination of Employment Claims & Defence), including Health Insurance Contracts.
  19. Defamation (Libel & Slander) and Tort Law.
  20. Probate Matters (Drafting of Wills, Letters of Administration) and Administration of Estates.
  21. Legislation & Policy Drafting; Law Reform; Legal Training, Workshop, Symposia and Colloquium.
  22. Intellectual Property Protection & Enforcement (Anton Pillar Injunction, Copyright Claims, Trademarks and Patents Registration).

As your local lawyers our mission is to provide easy access to legal services for members of the Nigerian community. One way we do this is by running a free and brief legal advice consultation. We also undertake work on legal aid.

Our aim is to demystify the law and lawyers and give advice on what is troubling people. We can then offer our clients further ways in which they can help themselves or they can decide to seek our help professionally.

LEGAL EMPERORS can work with you to provide the professional legal support and advice you need to get you through the tough times and to help you obtain your personal and professional goals.

We invite you to explore this website to learn more about our services and to SIGN UP FOR FREE LEGAL INFORMATION. Our website contains a wealth of free, reliable legal information.

Get legal solution for all your legal concerns. We can help you answer all your legal questions. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation with a skilled and experienced lawyer.

If you have questions and need our assistance in any area of law, please call (+234) 080-22148248 or email: or use the contact form right now.

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